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Colonel By's leading club for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders

Learn how to be an effective business leader, communicator, and problem solver.

Essential Skills

Speaking & Presentation

DECA prepares students to be world-class communicators. Members develop public speaking and presentation skills.

Problem Solving

DECA members learn how to apply business process thinking to break down and provide innovative solutions to complex problems.

Professional Networking

DECA members learn professional etiquette and best practices for building their business network in the twenty-first century.

DECA Competitive Events


Learn the best management practices used by CEOs and executives around the globe.


Learn how to invest, budget, read financial statements & apply accounting concepts to real situations.


Combine creativity and the multifaceted business skills needed to succeed as a modern entrepreneur.


Learn what it takes to run a successful hopsitality or tourism business in the digital age.


Learn the fundamental functions of marketing and how to lead an effective campaign.

DECA Members choose one competitive event (team or individual) from one of the five DECA clusters listed above. They then compete in written, multiple-choice exams and are judged in case competitions. If you have a knack for thinking on your feet and adapting quickly to new situations, these events are for you!

DECA Written Events

DECA Members may also choose to compete in a written event. This event is perfect for those who are meticulous and patient, requiring months of research and development to create a high quality paper. At Provincials and ICDC, written events are also asked to present their work in front of a panel of judges.

DECA Virtual Business Challenge

The DECA Virtual Business Challenge or DECA VBC is an opportunity for high school students to put their business skills to the test. In partnership with business simulation company Knowledge Matters, participants operate a web-based business online. In four separate rounds throughout the year, the top two teams per track can qualify for ICDC. Team up with 1-2 friends or go solo and run your own retail store, restaurant, sports store, or hotel!

DECA Emerging Leader Series


Take your personal DECA experience to the next level and ignite your passion for DECA.


Elevate your leadership skills and learn how to be the ultimate DECA chapter leader.


Learn how to be an effective association officer by designing a strategic plan.


Learn how to leverage your DECA experience to your advantage in college, interviews and internships.


Thrive with other performing chapters and continue to develop your collaboration and communications skills.

The DECA Emerging Leaders Series provides a comprehensive leadership program for all DECA members. Its goal is to empower DECA members to provide effective leadership through goal setting, consensus building and project implementation. Emerging leaders learn the essential 21st century skills of critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation.

Competitions and Opportunities

DECA Regionals

To qualify for DECA Provincials, DECA members must pass the preliminary regionals exam. At over 6 conference locations in Ontario, members also receive the opportunity to compete in oral events.

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DECA Provincials

Hosted at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto, thousands of Ontario's finest congregate to compete in 3 days of fierce competition and professional development. The top 10 contestants in each competitive event qualify for internationals.

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International Career Development Conference

The International Career Development Conference (ICDC) brings together persevering DECA members from around the world to take part in one final competition in their chosen event category. DECA provides ICDC qualifiers with professional workshops not only before, but during ICDC to prepare competitors to perform at their absolute best. To wrap up the week, DECA Ontario tours the hosting city and all its major attractions, squeezes out your last bit of energy at the DECA prom, and leaves you ready to sleep through your trip back home. ICDC is an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss!

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DECA at Colonel By Secondary School

For over five years, DECA has been a staple of the academic experience here at Colonel By. Over 100 members strong, the club has grown immensely since its inception and has made a name for itself as a high achiever. Each year, Colonel By students qualify for ICDC and represent the school at the international level.

Colonel By at DECA Provs

Colonel By at DECA ICDC

Student Testimonials

DECA has been a transformative experience for me. I've always wanted to pursue a career in business and this club has been the perfect fit. I feel much more confident tackling real-life business situations with professionalism and competence.
— Richard Xi, Grade 11 DECA Member
Having been a member of DECA for 4 years now, I can say it has been one of my favourite clubs at CB. Not only is DECA incredibly helpful in developing leadership and business skills, but the friends and connections you'll make will last a lifetime.
— Grace Gao, Grade 12 DECA Member